• My name is Mike Main and thank you for visiting Honest Supplements online marketplace. I created Honest Supplements because I wanted to do right by my customers with the highest quality products at the lowest cost to them. I realized the need for this type of marketplace during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic. When COVID first broke out, I found myself buying tons of supplements in efforts to support my immune system. Once I inevitably contracted COVID, I started buying more vitamins and supplements to help lessen and shorten the length of my symptoms.

    After I overcame Covid, I have actually been suffering from “long-covid” where it has now been since March of 2021 that I lost my sense of taste and smell which eventually developed into chronic illness called “parosmia” which is a distortion of my taste and smell. I also was dealing with chronic fatigue and brain fog on and off since COVID.

  • So once again, I was buying more and more vitamins and supplements to assist in recovering from these symptoms. I am happy to say, besides my Parosmia disorder, I have overcome these other symptoms and I feel phenomenal. I truly accredit the supplements I took, and continue to take daily, for my recovery and my overall good health and wellness. (I take the men's multi-vitamin, Neuro-plus, fish-oil, joint flex, probiotic and Ashwagandha). On top of all this, I am also a full time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and instructor for which, year round, I am buying proteins, energy supplements, recovery supplements, joint-care supplements and much more to train and compete at my peak performance. But what choice did I have? I could spend a lot of money on high quality products or buy cheap products with low quality ingredients (and I care too much about what I put into my body to do that). There had to be a better way. 

    After spending so much money on all these products, I decided to do some further research to see just how much money these companies are making off of us and I was blown away by what I found. Most of these “specialty” supplement companies are marking their prices up at an average of 5 times the cost of what they spent on it. That means if they spent $10 on a product, you are spending $50. And that is just for ONE product! I decided to completely disrupt this industry with a brand new business model to make it more fair for the consumer. I charge just $10/month subscription and I mark up my products by just $1. So that $50 product will now cost you just $11. I am 100% transparent with my prices so you as the consumer can shop confidently knowing you’re not being taken advantage of. Also as I mentioned, I personally only consume high quality products, so I went the extra mile to have all my products manufactured in an NSF certified facility and lab tested by a 3rd party to ensure the highest quality ingredients. At Honest Supplements we offer the highest quality products at the lowest costs. Also as the company grows I will actively work to bring down prices and add more products to our marketplace! Thank you for shopping with us and we would love to hear from you! Please email us or comment on social media any products you want that we may not carry yet!

    - Owner & Founder Mike Main